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About Cocoabean

What We Are

FarmSpice Traders Private Ltd is a pioneer in the field of spices procurement, processing, sale and marketing with a long history of successful business and a large spectrum of happy customers far and wide operating from Mundakkayam, belonging to Kottayam district in Kerala. We have made our presence pleasantly felt with a range of quality products from Cocoa - Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Nibs, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Fruit. With a strong and state of the art e commerce platform, FarmSpice has its energetic presence pan-India in whole sale and retail markets. We are equipped with excellent infrastructural facilities and sophisticated technology for all levels of production and manufacturing, able to undertake end to end process in fermenting, drying and final product delivery with good hygiene standards and quality packing making us among the best in the market in the production of cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Our happy clients include major chocolate manufacturers, bakers, health care units and households and have gained good reputation with our excellent product quality, prompt delivery and other services.

The Beautiful Bean

Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) is an important beverage crop which grows abundantly in the tropical regions of the world. A native of the Amazon areas of South America, a bulk of its world production occurs in the tropical belt of the continent of Africa. In India, much of the cocoa production occurs in the southern states, Kerala being one of them. The green hills of Idukki district have the ideal climatic conditions which help the growth of cocoa beans with high quality profile especially for its aroma and texture. Widely used in food and cosmetic industries in different forms, cocoa has become one among the most valuable tropical beverage crops. The four major verities of the cocoa plant are Forastero, Criollo, Trinitario, and Nacional. We are the sellers of Forastero. This beautiful bean is now known to have multiple health and nutrition benefits making it one among the most sought-after natural products. Our customers stand testimony to the quality of our products and the accuracy and efficiency in delivering the products with excellent package, speed and good customer support.

 What We Do

We are cultivators of the bean with an extensive stretch of farms strictly following organic farming techniques and also procurers for a large number of farmers in Idukki district of Kerala which is world famous for its aromatic spices. Idukki belongs to that dense green patch of tropical rain forests of the western ghats which passes through Kerala, there by giving its spices that extra aroma, flavor and high butter content quintessentially of the green mountains. Our processing units are well equipped for the essential fermentation and sun drying of both the cultivated and procured beans. Uncompromised quality in procurement, manufacturing and distribution has helped us reach the heights we are in today, being the chosen suppliers of cocoa beans to major chocolate makers and exporters across India. House hold customers, chocolate makers, cake makers and exporters form the spine of our network of happy customers.

Our Process

 With a monthly processing capacity of 5 to 10 tons of beans across our processing units with high quality and hygiene standards, new and defined processes in roasting, winnowing, butter extraction and powder making, we have secured our unique place in the industry with outstanding institutional and human resource framework. All processes remain transparent and natural without any added preservatives and artificial colors still maintaining the purity, aroma and flavor. The fermentation and drying processes are of great importance as they have a direct impact on the aroma and taste of the processed bean and related products. Once the procured bean is roasted, cracked and de-husked through the process of winnowing, Cocoa Nibs are obtained. These nibs are used for chocolate making. Butter is ground, cold pressed and butter powder separated from it. All the cocoa products including the fruit are stored, packed and delivered across India as per orders through our online platform.

How We Sell

We have been suppliers of cocoa products for quite a number of leading chocolate manufacturers in India and hundreds of small scale and large-scale manufacturers in need of all sorts of cocoa related products. Our products are highly appreciated by the home-based chocolate makers for they are natural, pure and reasonably priced. Since we are able to provide sorted and thoroughly cleaned products according to the customer preferences, wastage in processing and the processing difficulty in handling the beans with different size or quality can be easily avoided.  Since we are equipped with sufficient procurement and storage facilities, we are able to provide uninterrupted supply of all products irrespective of seasonal changes throughout the year. We have taken utmost care in making sure that our customers  are never disheartened with the non-availability or poor quality of products.

What We Sell`

We sell all sorts of products. Cocoa fruit, cocoa bean of different grades, cocoa butter, butter powder and mass.  We are one among the best cocoa bean suppliers in India. We have raw cocoa beans for sale, roasted cocoa beans, cocoa powder for cake making and other products, cocoa butter for chocolate and other confections etc. All the products are hygienically and professionally packed and delivered across India upon customer orders. Our e commerce platform functions 24×7 and our sale team ensures proper delivery of desired products within the stipulated time frame. Our products thus bought are utilized for food, health and cosmetic purposes since we never compromise quality and hygiene. Thus, we follow organic and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, help the farmers market their products through proper processing and storage, provide employment to a large number of people through different units, deliver our products to customers far and wide ensuring hygiene and quality and so remain successful and visible in the industry with over 30 years of experience in whole sale, retail and online modes of business in cocoa products.

Thus we sell not only bean and butter but also love, faith and happiness.